The secret to being a worship leader

Being a worship leader is more about who you are than what you can do.  Being a good musician is important for establishing a trust with the people you are leading in music, but once that initial musical trust is established, you have to offer something more.  Working on your craft as a musician is wise and is good stewardship, but it cannot be where the majority of your energy is focused.   This is where knowing your identity, your calling, and your role (in that order) makes all the difference. 

Your identity has to be found in being a child of God.  Abilities and skills can fade or be taken away, so finding your identity in those things dangerous.  The only thing that is permanent is God and your position as His child. So ensuring that your identity is in that is crucial.  People can sense when someone has their identity in the wrong thing.  

Once that identity is established you have to recognize that your second most important calling is to be a minister to people.  You have to love people people and be vulnerable in front of people.  Having that solid identity foundation makes this a lot easier because you understand better the calling to love people as you have been loved, to forgive as you have been forgiven, and to sacrifice yourself as you have been sacrificed for.  

Once you've aligned your identity and your calling, then you can fully step into your role as a worship leader.  The role is your specific place where you can be of use in building up the people of God, so it's not to be taken lightly.  But the best way to not take it lightly is to get your identity and your calling straightened out.  Only then can you be of most use in your role.