Lord's Supper

The Discipline of Remembering

I don't know where I would be without reminders.  I find myself so often caught up in the tasks of life, or even just lost in my own thoughts that I forget the simplest of things.  A scary part of forgetfulness is that isn't limited to only mundane, simple things.  Our forgetfulness can also seep into the most deeply valued areas of life.  It seems I'm not alone in forgetfulness of the important because human beings are always putting up monuments to remember and value historical events.  Or we put pictures in our homes of people or places to honor memories and implant the value of those people or places deep within us.  Or we have calendars with important events so we don't allow ourselves to overlook important celebrations.  I look down at my hand and see my wedding band that serves as a symbol of my marriage, but also a reminder of the covenant I've made with Heather.  

All these things are included in our lives to practice the discipline of remembering.  Thankfully God is well aware of our lack of memory fortitude, and he mentions so often how remembering impacts our relationship with Him.  His people in the Old Testament fell out of favor with him because the generations did not remember their God.  He put a rainbow in the sky after the flood to remind people of the covenant he made.  He honored his promise to Abraham because God remembered his faithfulness and the covenant he made with him.  He gave us the Passover meal to remind His people of the deliverance he provided, and Jesus said to eat the Lord's Supper in "remembrance of me."  The theme of remembering and the repercussions of remembering, or lack thereof, are all throughout the Bible.

So on this day when I will undoubtedly forget something, I'm encouraged to know that God knows my remembering muscle is weak and thankful He gives me tools to strengthen it.