Life Lessons from a License Plate

I was a stoplight recently and the car in front of me had a custom border around their license plate.  It caught my eye because on the border was written "Lord, Please Protect this Car."  I had never seen that kind of thing before and it sparked thoughts in my mind of how awesome it was to imagine that the there was a constant state of prayer surrounding the car.

But what truly got my attention was when the light turned green, the car proceeded through the light and a big, nasty cloud of exhaust fumes came out of the tailpipe! These folks were praying for God to protect that car to the point of permanently affix a prayer to it's backside, but the basic maintenance of the very thing they were asking God to protect was being neglected.  

I couldn't help but ask the question, "Am I undercutting a prayer in my own life due to my own lack of action?" It left me with this reminder; Don't ask for supernatural power if you aren't willing to steward the routine maintenance.